MOJO217 - Special card for a young cancer patient

I recieved a very touching email from a friend whose 16 yr old niece has been diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer.  She asked for anonomyous donations of a scarf/hat to send to her niece to help brighten her days as she is having a tough time with the treatments.  I immediately said YES I'd love love to send something.  I made this card using the inspiration from the Mojo Monday sketch.  Now I just need to get the scarf and hat together to send to her.  Please keep her in your prayers and thoughts.  So young to have cancer.

I plan on sending anonomyous cards for weeks to just give her niece a little hello so she knows that many people are praying for her.

MOJO216 Thank you Card

I wanted to send my mom a thank you card for all her hard work she put into Thanksgiving.  This was the first year without my grandmother and my mom wanted to have our usual family meal.  She did a wonderful job and eventhough we missed my grandmother, it was nice to all be together for the holiday and remember her.